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 holy preist LF raiding guild=)

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PostSubject: holy preist LF raiding guild=)   Sat Jun 16, 2007 11:53 pm

1. Name.

2. Age.

3. Where are you from? (Speaking and understanding English will be crucial for raiding).
Im from Norway ... ye can speak english

4. A little about yourself.
Im a 15years old boy that like to play wow.. and I love to be a heal bot in raids.. I don't whine if we cant down a boss..

5. Race.
Dranei female

6. Class

7. Proffesions.
Mooncloth Tailor/mining

8. Your gear (Armory link would be fine).
working on it ATM

9. Which Previous guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them?
amor vicent
meet ur guild members

10. Playtimes (F.ex. 13:00 PM to 12:30AM). Raiding times - 19:00pm - 23:00pm with a possible stretch.
cant remember when i got footbal training.. 2 times a week. from ( u wil get it soon)

11. What raiding Experience do you have? (Raiding from before TBC should be mentioned)
been Kara .gruul and mag resto drood.. and first boss SSC.. and all before tbc, not naxx.. but rest

12. Pre-quests, Karazhan Pre-quest is a must.
BM u know it

13. Are you willing to respecc, if asked to?
ofc I am

14. What are your ingame goals?
Have fun get new friends, and get futher in some instance..

15. What do you got to offer us?
a healer with skills

16. Why do you want to join us?
u guys sounds cool.. been in 5 mans with many of u
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PostSubject: Re: holy preist LF raiding guild=)   Sun Jun 17, 2007 12:11 am

ye was in that 5man group. You healed very well with those nabs and their focused dps. mana wasn't that much of a problem so seemed like nice mana regen aswell. And let's hope you're active Wink

he got my vote.
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PostSubject: Re: holy preist LF raiding guild=)   Sun Jun 17, 2007 12:51 am

we need active priests so ofc he got my vote too Smile
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PostSubject: Re: holy preist LF raiding guild=)   Sun Jun 17, 2007 9:46 am

Well I know how he is and I think he's good.
Did sl with me and fonz, never a good combination.

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PostSubject: Re: holy preist LF raiding guild=)   

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holy preist LF raiding guild=)
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