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 jioning guild :)

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PostSubject: jioning guild :)   Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:18 pm

Personal information:
Name maicel
Age {18}
Country {holland}
What do you do {working as a chef from a restaurant}
Describe yourself with one word {see aim shoot}

Character information:
Name {legolatus}
Class {hunter}
Race {dwarf}
Playtimes(/played) {78days and 18 hours}
Professions(If any rares, write them down) {enchanting and alchemy}
Your gear(Armory profile or any other is an obligation) {cantact me ingame ill show you}

Raiding information:
Previous PVE guilds(Pretbc/tbc) {adamas ocrana and rising}
Raiding experience(Pretbc/tbc) {cleared kara and few trys on gruul}
How do you act when wiping all night without progress {its normal i wiped 4 days on shade so i dont care i love the game}
Progress or Epics {progress and if some nice things drop i love to spend my dkp Razz}
Willing to respecc if asked to {always i have been a class leader in 2 guilds so i no what to do and if the class leader tells me to respecc i respecc}
What do you wanna accomplish in raiding {i wanne have fun and progress in game}
Karazhan prequest completed {YES}

Active information:
Describe your activeness. We raid from 18:30(invites) to 23:00 and very often we raid longer. Are you able to be online at 18:30 to 23:00+ ? {18:30 is oke and i can play whole night}
You dont sign up for raids, and dont show up {iam only if you ppl maybe need me but often iam not online if i dont sign up becaus iam working than}
What do you got to offer us {skills Razz and fun and some hard DPS}
Why should we choose you {becaus i have what you ppl want}

Anything you would like to add? do it here
{i hope we can raid together and get some good progress also / love to jion your guild Smile }
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jioning guild :)
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