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 x-relm warrior

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PostSubject: x-relm warrior   Wed Oct 10, 2007 3:22 pm

Thank you for spening time to read this first of all, and here is my application:

Personal information:
Name Chris Tame
Age 21
Country England
What do you do now i am a part time technician, after being full time for 2 years, and now doing a college course aswell
Describe yourself with one word Stubborn

Character information:
Name Díablo
Class Warrior
Race Human Male
Playtimes(/played) i cant remember but will update when i get home. poss 84 hrs over on this char
Professions(If any rares, write them down) Mine/BS Armorsmith, plans nature and frost plate res gear boe. no point in telling you bop Razz
Your gear(Armory profile or any other is an obligation)

Raiding information:
Previous PVE guilds(Pretbc/tbc) Blimy not many are still alive and been in so many affraid , erm.. Unholy Laughing skull, Faith Jaedenar, No doubt Shatterd Halls, Omega Dragonmaw, Infusion Dragonmaw.
Raiding experience(Pretbc/tbc) only boss i did not kill was Kal in Nax as tbc came out and focus was on leveling. tbc, kara, grull, mag, void reaver and lurker
How do you act when wiping all night without progress i keep my cool, since i have been rl in most guilds u know it takes time to progress aslong as the raid listens and focuses, u can wipe alot, if the raid is the reasion you are wiping due to lack of focus, then some encouragement is in order.
Progress or Epics Progress!!!! all the way, epics are the bonus but a boss dead now that is the epic in my eyes.
Willing to respecc if asked to If neded makes it a differant style of game play SmileWhat do you wanna accomplish in raiding {Answer}
Karazhan prequest completed Yes

Active information:
Describe your activeness. We raid from 18:30(invites) to 23:00 and very often we raid longer. Are you able to be online at 18:30 to 23:00+ ? 18:30 game time as i live in UK i am 1 hr begind game time so that will be 17:30, it is doable but i normaly eat then, but i can stay up till what ever time needed 03.00 is needed, but i do turn up arround 18:45 ish unless i gave notice i wont be coming, which is rare for me to do that lol
You dont sign up for raids, and dont show up That is ignorant, and people who are ignorant to follow some rules to let people know should be punnished if they dont have a valid excuse
What do you got to offer us Dedicated, active, knows alot about the game on calsses, knows alot about instances, been told i am a natural born leader. i can keep people calm and give people info when needed, i can help out if all possible aslong as it ballances out and they can help me another time.
Why should we choose you. I want to raid and willing to sacrifice myself to progress, i am active and can help people aswell as listen. as being a gm rl and officer in nearly every guild i have been in, i know how guilds are run and what makes and breaks them. i am a problem solver, my curse i care too much.
Anything you would like to add? do it here
I make an ass out of myself as a little laughter can make the time enjoyable, with random descriptions on explaning tactics i make it intresting and i throw in a few random words that means nothing but it will get your attention to keep you on the ball Smile i am fun to know and can have a laugh, and be focused when needed to be.

Thank you for your time in reading this hope to hear from you soon.
P.S the colours are there so it is easyer to read lol!
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PostSubject: Re: x-relm warrior   Wed Oct 10, 2007 3:24 pm

my bad i missed one Crying or Very sad

What do you wanna accomplish in raiding Progress, with progress u get info and self accomplishment, also the guild goes far. epics are bonus to help us but end of the day everyone gets epics and yours will come sooner or later, if u dont get it now u got a higher chance next time
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x-relm warrior
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