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PostSubject: APPLICATION FORM - READ FIRST BEFORE APPLYING   Sun May 13, 2007 10:49 pm

You think you got what it takes?

We have some basic rules for everyone and every class.
First off, we are a serious PVE guild and we only concentrate on PVE (Player versus environment) which means we are a raiding guild.

These are the requirements.

You are mature and got humor.
You dont complain when you get no invite to raid.
You always pay attention to your raid leader and other officers.
You always have your pots, consumables and repair money ready.
You can raid 5/6 out of 7 days a week and are ACTIVE.
You have your Karazhan prequest completed.
You have a gear that can stand Karazhan/Gruuls lair, meaning blue/epic gear. With gems(expensive rare/epic gems are a big plus) and all the enchants you need.
You think about progress before epics.
You have a functional mic and headset to communicate over Ventrilo with.
You understand english and talk good english. Can understand and communicate over Ventrilo.
You dont have to go afk eating/walk the dog/shower or whatever while raiding.
You dont have a mom or dad that pulls the cable and tells you to shut off the computor.

What we can offer you.

Fast raiding progress.
Humor, kindness and loyalty.
Help when needed.
Gear and equipment.
A nice community and lots of fun.

If you feel like you have what it takes, and can fullfil those requirements.
All you need to do now is to copy the Application form.
Take your time and dont just rush through with it.
Answering Yes and No on every question wont get you anywhere.
And you will get an answer asap.


Personal information:
Name {Answer}
Age {Answer}
Country {Answer}
What do you do {Answer}
Describe yourself with one word {Answer}

Character information:
Name {Answer}
Class {Answer}
Race {Answer}
Playtimes(/played) {Answer}
Professions(If any rares, write them down) {Answer}
Your gear(Armory profile or any other is an obligation) {Answer}

Raiding information:
Previous PVE guilds(Pretbc/tbc) {Answer}
Raiding experience(Pretbc/tbc) {Answer}
How do you act when wiping all night without progress {Answer}
Progress or Epics {Answer}
Willing to respecc if asked to {Answer}
What do you wanna accomplish in raiding {Answer}
Karazhan prequest completed {Answer}

Active information:
Describe your activeness. We raid from 18:30(invites) to 23:00 and very often we raid longer. Are you able to be online at 18:30 to 23:00+ ? {Answer}
You dont sign up for raids, and dont show up {Answer}
What do you got to offer us {Answer}
Why should we choose you {Answer}

Anything you would like to add? do it here
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